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Test drive meme

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Test Drive Meme

✭ Reply to this entry with a character you're considering apping into the game. You can include the name of your character and the fandom in your subject line.
✭ Comment around to others on the meme, whether you're in the game already or not.
✭ Now you have a sample ready for your application!
✭ So go apply when apps are open.
✭ Seriously, do it.
✭ Interested in finding out what's happened so far? Check out the plot guide and recap post!

To get you started, here are a few optional prompts for you to use if you so wish:

1.       Cafeteria

Well, top of the mornin’ to y’all in Animus! Guess what day it is? Well, it’s the first day of Jason month and you guys know what that means? The cafeteria will be full of nutrition bars today! Enjoy your absolutely tasteless meals while you can because you’ll be forced to eat these for the whole month.


2.       Shadow Children (Event)

So, the elevator mysteriously exploded! Who, why and how? Well, no matter who is responsible, some creepy shadows are following you around, speaking in the voices of your loved ones from your world and blaming you for their predicament! Unless someone whom you have a strong bond with in the tower drives those shadows away, your collar will gradually go paler and you will die in a few days! What do you guys do? More info found here:

3. Elevator

Sheesh, it’s a rather long way from the top floor to the cafeteria, isn’t it? About an hour, actually. In the meantime, someone else might be in the elevator with you! Start up a conversation? Ignore each other? Start singing in the elevator? The choice is yours!

4.      Valentine’s Chocolates! (Event)

It’s Ruana month and you have all been infected with a disease by some mysterious teddy bears! Suddenly, you receive a box of chocolates which can temporarily cure your infection but many of them have special side effects. Effects can be seen here:


5.    Floor 29

This floor has seemed pretty peaceful so far, the maze isn't all that hard and the garden that lies beyond it is rather lovely. Still it seems best to head back now that the sun is about to set and nighttime is approaching fast. ...Is that just the leaves rustling in the wind behind you, or is it something more?


6.       Floor Seventy-Nine


Fancy some deep-sea diving? Grab some scuba gear, hop off the staircase, and explore some ruins! Just be careful you don't run out of air or run into a shark (or run into a shark while you're running low on air). Of course, if you can breathe underwater or just don't need to breathe at all, then the sharks would be your only worry. Try and find some treasure!


7.       Anywhere!

 Whoops, you've gotten distracted, or lost, or you're still climbing up the stairs when night falls. It's time for the monsters to start prowling--and one's got its eyes (or whatever sensory organs it may have) on you! Time to fight back, or time to run?

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Mia | Golden Sun

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[While the elevators at the lighthouses weren't much faster than this one, they were certainly much more comfortable. She's not quite used to the small enclosed spaces that seem to dominate the tower, and being in one for such an extended period of time only exacerbates the problem. At this point, though, it can't be helped. She's in here for the duration of the ride. So, she'll stay calm, but she wouldn't mind conversation if the other occupant in the elevator was willing.]

[Chocolates; Coconut Flavor!]

[She's started feeling strange after that piece of chocolate. There were no discernible toxins, and her symptoms didn't feel like any sort of reaction to poison. The chocolate certainly didn't taste strange.]

[But, as if she has no control over her body, she walks up to the next person she sees and taps them on the shoulder to get their attention.]

Excuse me sir, I couldn't help but notice how handsome you look. Would you happen to be free tonight?

[Floor 29]

[It had been a relaxing day in the garden, but with the sun setting, she was more than happy to be heading home. It's rather dark, though, and there appears to be something rustling in the bushes. She won't call attention to it, but she will hold her staff a little bit tighter.]
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Floor 29!

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[This floor again--

It's been a month since the last time she found a new arrival in here, a month since the plants had pulled her into the hedges and eaten her alive. It's not an experience she wants to repeat, and it's not an experience she wants anyone to have to go through - especially not Mia. She cups her hands around her mouth and calls out.]

Mia, hurry! Run for the stairs!
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Floor 29! [1/2]

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[Mia turns towards Sheba, taking her eyes off of the brushes behind her. It was rare to see the Jupiter Adept that worried; were they under attack? It wouldn't hurt to regroup, at least.]

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Floor 29! [2/2]

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[But, just as she's about to walk towards Sheba, she feels something fly past her. There was definitely something moving in the bushes. She turns around, trying to get a glimpse of what it is, and...]

[Suddenly the entire garden feels like some sort of monster. An angry monster, at that. She'll shoot a couple Ice Missiles to keep it from following her before making a dash to the stairs.]
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[One of these days, Sheba was going to have words with whoever thought this floor was a good idea.

When Mia dashes for the stairs, Sheba runs forward - Mia's Ice Missiles keep the parts of the hedge maze that she'd fired at occupied, but she knows from experience that none of the plants here are harmless, and that it's far too easy for one to sneak up on you when you're running. That's why she casts Spark Plasma, the strike coming down mere feet behind Mia - anything that tries to get close to her is getting blasted.]

You're almost here! You can make it!
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[Thanks to Sheba's cover and a few more ice missiles, Mia's able to escape the remaining plants, successfully making it to the stairs. She takes a good few minutes to recover after the chase; running in such heavy robes was never easy.]

Thank you for the warning. I hadn't expected the garden to be so dangerous.
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It usually isn't... at least, not until the sun goes down.

[Then all bets are off. Sheba looks Mia over to check her for any injuries - but Mia's a healer, and she probably knows better than Sheba would about whether or not she's hurt. The Jupiter Adept sighs a bit and gestures for Mia to follow her up the stairs.]

Did you just arrive earlier today?
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[She pauses. She hadn't gotten in much earlier. The tower had been a sensory overload; she'd decided to go to the garden to calm her nerves, but if this was the kind of place the gardens were, she'd need to pick a better location next time.]

Have you been here long?
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Eight months...

[Sheba is a little hesitant to say so - she remembers Jenna's insistence that it couldn't have been that long, because they'd just returned from Mars Lighthouse a few weeks before. She doesn't know what time Mia is from, but she's pretty sure whenever it is, it hasn't been eight months since they've seen each other.]

This is the start of my ninth. [She chuckles.] The call it "September," here. It's the tail end of summer and the beginning of autumn.
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I see. That's quite awhile. Are you doing okay?

[Mental health was important as physical health (although in a place like this, Sheba could have been in very much physical danger too), and it would be far too easy to let that slip in a place as exhausting as Animus.]

That's a nice name. I hope the autumn brings good tidings.

[And that the scenery stays just as nice and not-attacking.]

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Elevator so he can't run >_>

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[It was quite the nasty shock when the doors to the elevator opened. When they were just a crack wide, he knew who was about to enter. His initial reaction was to warp out of there, but that would have given him away immediately. Less than a second later, he decided on staring at an incredibly interesting spot on the left-hand wall facing the doors which he was fortunately already standing next to. Yep. Look at that wall...

So what if only his mask was showing? =D

...People who weren't Mercury Adepts had this shade of blue hair in this place, he didn't need to worry about that either, right?
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This is the last time he will ever see this smile I hope you know [1/2]

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[She smiles and turns, about to start the conversation herself, when she notices that the other occupant has a shade of hair very similar to hers. In fact, the shade's almost identical. While people with off-colored hair weren't rare in Animus, this is the first time she's seen such a perfect match. The clothing he was wearing looked really familiar, too. She hadn't seen this particular style before, but it certainly wasn't something that would have looked out of place on Weyard.]

[Come to think of it, the way he carried himself felt familiar, too. She'd definitely met this person before, she was sure of it. But, no one on Weyard had such an odd hair color unless they were adepts, and the only other adepts they'd met on Weyard were the Lemurians. If the other occupant was Piers, she'd certainly have been able to tell right away. It could have been one of the other Lemurian citizens, but that also seemed unlikely. This man didn't have the air of age that most Lemurians did. Rather, he carried himself much like somebody of the Mercury clan. But that was impossible. Unless...]

[She whips her head back towards the other occupant, taking another good look. Now that she knew who she was thinking of, it seemed obvious. He was wearing a mask, and he appeared to have aged, but there was only one person the other occupant of the elevator could be.]

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Are you ready, though [2/2]

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[She covered her mouth reflexively. It should have been impossible. After all, Alex had been crushed under Mount Aleph after the rise of the Golden Sun. Even if by some debacle he hadn't been, there was still no reason for him to be here. But, the other person in the elevator was Alex, she was certain of it. He was here, and they were stuck in the same elevator until they reached the cafeteria, for better or worse.]

[Once that really hits her, she's not sure which emotion she feels first. Everything seems to come in a flood. There's panic, sadness, and a little bit of relief before everything is eclipsed by anger.]

[Why hadn't he told her why he left with Saturos and Mendardi? Even if their mission had been to guard Mercury Lighthouse, that certainly wasn't as important as the fate of the world. Why had he been manipulating everything behind the scenes? Was it just so he could gain the power of the Golden Sun? Even now, that was the only answer that fit. How long had he been after power? Was he planning this since they were kids?]

[There are so many things she wants to say to him and so many things she wants to ask him. But, she knows deep down, that he's not deserving of any of it. She's not going to give him a opportunity to explain; he'd wasted all of his chances when he'd deceived them. No, at this point, there's only one thing she can think to say to him.]

I'm never going to forgive you.
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Not at all, LET'S DO THIS~

[personal profile] mywayofhelping 2013-08-24 12:45 am (UTC)(link)
[Yeah, he knew it was too much to hope for... Mia wasn't stupid. He almost appreciates the immediate coldness. It certainly made this easier.

Have a slight glance in your direction with a trademark smirk.

Yes, that's been made rather clear.
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[It's a good thing you're okay with it, because her attitude isn't warming up any time soon.]

Really? Considering how immune you seem to common decency, I'm surprised you're able to tell.
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[This is reminding him of not too long after he arrived here... Except she's not a shadow and isn't slowly killing him.]

Of course I can. I'm well aware of what's considered decent and what isn't.

[He just doesn't care~ =D]
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You certainly have a strange way of showing it.

[Manipulating people and basically leaving them for dead isn't usually considered decent. But, you're probably well aware of that, by now.]
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[Be glad you don't know what he did later...

He raises his shoulders a bit.

Not everyone can fully comprehend the actions of another person. Even Jupiter Adepts have their limits.
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[She glares back at you. You better hope she never finds out what you've been up to.]

It becomes much easier when those actions stem purely from selfish reasons.
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Chocolate shenanigans!

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[Amelia had encountered a lot in the Tower by this point in time, and one lesson she'd learned? Never let your guard down. So she's not oblivious to Mia walking up towards her, although she figures from the looks of her she's probably not a threat. And when she taps her shoulder Amelia turns to address her- only to fail to muster anything beyond a blank stare at her question.

There a lot of things wrong with that question and she's not really sure where to begin, mouth hanging open for a second before she manages to find her voice again.]

Er, my apologies ma'am but I think you may have the wrong knight in red armor...? [Surely she'd just been mistaken for somebody else, right?]
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i am so sorry for this

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[That armor, that build, there could be no mistaking it. She won't stop, not until she gets a hug, or, even better, a kiss. Whatever resistance Mia's subconscious is putting up, it's still nowhere near enough to overpower the chocolate.]

No, it's been you I've been looking for all along. Tell me, did it hurt when you fell from heaven?

[At some point, she's going to wake up from this and she's going to give Garet a stern talk for using (and inadvertantly teaching her) that line. Even under the effects of the chocolate, it still comes out as overly cliched.]
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It could be worse. At least Amelia isn't under the effects of the same.

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Oh. Uh.

[She's had training from among the greatest knights of her realm. She's faced countless horrors on the open battlefield. She's been through things that would make even the bravest of knights question all they stood for.

She is completely unprepared for this, and her expression is somewhere between merely confused and "deer in headlights".]

I'm er. I'm flattered, really! But this isn't really the time or the place...
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flirt battle >:3

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Oh? Then we could easily take this somewhere else, if you so desire.

[Something deep inside gives Mia the feeling she'll regret this when everything is said and done.]
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[Surely there's a logical explanation for this. But damned if she knows what right now as she manages a slightly nervous laugh, trying to remain polite despite this.]

No, no we really don't need to! It's just uh, I don't even know your name or anything!
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I am Mia of Imil.

Tell me, what is your name, fair maiden?

[She's been spending too much time with the guys in her party please excuse her.]