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It's that time again~


You want to join the game with a (new) character? Maybe you’re simply curious about the premise? Or maybe you just need a sample. Well that’s the meme for you to try and test your character as if they were already in the tower! The meme is open to anyone!

• Reply to this entry with a character you consider apping! Put your character’s name and fandom- Your usual meme thing.
• Comment around with your pups. You can also post and tag with characters already in-game of course!
• Most importantly, have fun!!
Then feel free to go and reserve/app your character.
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Jade Strider | Homestuck AU [Red Dead Virgo]

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[So there's this tower. And that's a thing.

And there's this pretty cool cat kid who wakes up here in her cool red god tier pajamas, but she doesn't really feel up to wearing those red pajamas. So instead she's in her regular old red atom shirt, with a stripey green scarf and some killer shades, sitting on the couch in the Media Room and watching some lame movie on the TV.

No big deal.]
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Re: Jade Strider | Homestuck AU [Red Dead Virgo]

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[So there's this other cool cat who's not so cool anymore, what with taking an intensive course on how to hit rock bottom, but skipped the module on how to climb back out from the hole. He's mostly cranky, perpetually tired and chronically depressed lately but hey. Die a couple times and you get the hang of it.

He's also standing behind her and staring a bit like a creep. Let him get his bearings, shit just got real here.

And then he snorts and goes drop himself on the couch by her, careful to stare at the screen and not at her, because. Yeah. That'd get creepy, fast.]

Selection 'round here ain't nothin' to be writin' home about, y'know.

[Thank you for reminding him he has a reputation to uphold. Also, completely forgot about the part where he's seen you but you've never seen him. Introductions, what are introductions, shit.]
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[She didn't even notice him when he was standing around like a creep, and only kind of sort of jumped in surprise when he plopped down next to her. Only sort of. Really it wasn't noticeable at all--

Also not noticeable was the utterly befuddled look in her eyes, which was thankfully hidden by her standard cool kid shades. She balked at him a minute, before turning to look back at...whatever shitty movie had made it onto the TV, with a shrug.]

Well fuck, there goes all my ideas for my Happy Tower Summercamp scrapbook.

[A moment or so of silence later, and--] 'Sides, not like I got much of a home to write back to anymore, y'know.

[Introductions were for losers, that's what they were.]
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Happy an' tower don't really go together around here.

[There's a distinctive snide undertone in that, but he snorts and sort of lets his hands rest on his knees, squinting at the screen to see if he's watched this one before. He hasn't run by all of the selection yet, but he's seen a good deal of it. He shrugs.]

Though I suppose bein' here at least beats bein' wherever we were goin'.

[A bit over familiar, but not too much. Right?]

Then again you ain't a searin' blot a' godly red, so I don't know how much you even know.

[Yeah, he's kinda. Nervous about this, not really thinking straight. Good thing he can always fall back to hiding his expression behind his shades, and playing the coolkid part.]
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[The comment about what she did and didn't possibly knew got a bit of a sidelong glance, though it was hard to tell. She eventually looked away, redirecting her gaze to the other side of the room.]

Wasn't really digging the silk red pajamas. They're cool for traipsing around on dead planets with dead bodies and rewriting the entire universe, but I didn't really feel like they were appropriate for this totally monstrous movie event. [At which she gestures at the TV.]

Still godly though. That's not a thing I stopped being.
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[This is the snort he always gives when you text him some ridiculous thing that's so very Strider. It's short and sharp and barely air passing through sharp teeth. Which become mildly visible when he curls up his lip in a crooked smirk.]

Might've been easier on you if you'd gotten here pre-searin'-red-god gig. Or not, who the fuck even knows anymore.

[He shrugs.]

Sure as hell didn't expect you to ditch the godly garb an' come here to watch movies, though.

[Mostly because that's essentially what he did, sans ditching godly garb since he lacks said godly garb. But if he'd had a searing red godly garb you can be sure he'd have ditched it.]

You're startin' to think like me, Jade, and that's shitty business, let me tell you.
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[The snort almost gets a smirk out of her. Almost. It never quite reaches the surface. Smirking at someone laughing at your own jokes wasn't cool.]

Come on man, wouldn't that be your fuckin' dream come true? Every other hour your'e like "Shit Strider, will you calm the hell down, stop being stupid, did you bring your shovel with you, blah blah blah." And now you say I'm starting to think like your stupid alien brain, just sitting here instead of going Captain America on some of those monsters in the hallway and you're giving me crap about it?
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I'm sorry to say, but I think that's my mission in life, givin' you shit about everythin'.

[The crooked smirk relaxes into a vague smile.]

Can't help it, I'm afraid.
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[She threw her arms in the air in an ironically over dramatic and exasperated fashion, and slumped further in the couch in defeat.]

Get a new mission in life, 'cause that's the stupidest mission ever.
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Aww, don't be like that. It's the one thing I'm amazin'ly good at.

[Yeah, he's trying not to grin too much, but you can see the flash of fangs anyway.]

Don't take that away from me, Jade.
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That is the most fucking bullshit skillset ever.

[Keep flashing your fangs, she is just going to stare at you through her sunglasses.]

You can't put that shit on a resume. Get a fucking hobby or something. With all your ornery nagging you could be a vaguely successful movie critic.
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[A louder snort and the reveal of his greatest, deadliest weapon: the merciless deadpan.]

What, an' spend the rest 'a my natural life watchin' shitty movies for a livin'? Fuck that, I'll go back to shootin' zombies in the middle of butt-fuckin'-nowhere, thanks.
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Sitting on your couch, downing cholesterol-building snacks all day, telling people how much they suck at what they do-- fuck see that sounds like you already, just jam a twinkie in your mouth.

[Combatting your deadpan with even more stupid jokes.] What if we got you a zombie movie?
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...what is a twinkie an' why does it already sound disgustin'?

[He folds his arms behind his head then, claws idly scratching at his elbows.]

Good luck findin' a zombie movie that's not utter fuckin' shit. My only comfort is that no one has tried to make a romance zombie movie. Yet. I wouldn't put it past you humans to come up with that.
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It is a delicious human confection that is served to only the highest rungs of the blood social caste ladder. Guaranteed to induce diabetes or your money back.

[We are made of only true facts here.]

So what you're saying is, you cannot imagine the sheer utter brilliance of the superior human mind being able to insert a dashing love story in the middle of a blood spurting zombie apocalypse. S'that why you don't want to be a movie critic?
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[The laconic remark about superior human delicacies is followed by a long sidelong look.]

'm sayin' it's a miracle these movies haven't made me claw my eyes out, 's what I'm sayin'. I am in awe, utter awe, 'a your advanced human torture rituals, that's all.
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You're just jealous your barbarian troll society hasn't thought up shit this medieval.

[And she crossed her arms triumphantly as if...this was actually her intention for this argument which it totally was.]
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You got me, Jade. The truth is that I'm just tryin' to learn all I can about squishy aliens an' the ways you make yerselves squishier.