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You know you've been in Animus too long when...

Complete the sentence. Answer ICly or OOCly, currently in game or old player who left recently or a while back, doesn't matter. Remember the good times. Remember the horror. Bask in the awful nostalgia together.
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You hate labyrinths.

You hate labyrinths with a fiery passion.
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y e s
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[IC] Messages written in blood are met with only mild concern.

[OOC] When you say a character is only using two fingers for a thing, it doesn't seem odd for the other player to misunderstand it as the character only having two fingers.

[OOC] ...You make the aforementioned mistake yourself.
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You miss being on Team Punch Jason in the face.

Weird packages in your mailbox? MUST BE TUESDAY.
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NOT having a collar seems like a weird aspect of life.
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You get attacked by a multi-armed, scalpel wielding monster and you just roll with it.

Your first thought when you enter a room is how can this place kill me?

You live on a diet consisting of nutrient bars and water.
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You start wondering if your favorite tv show is still playing.

This is very important by the way, I've probably missed like, a bazillion episodes of Psych.
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Nothing horrific even phases you anymore.

You lament the lost opportunity to have horrific torture performed upon a character at the endgame when you can't even app anyone new anyway.
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You'll never want another teddy bear again.

Whales cause you to burst into hysterical laughter.

You can no longer keep acquaintances named Jason.

You've become distrustful of the number 37.
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That's so sad...
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Dying is often considered the better choice

Candy/sweets/chocolates all have negative memories attached

and don't even talk about teddy bears

or mazes

Most childhood games have been ruined forever

It's a good week if you come out the end with all limbs attached and no new trauma

There are people you feel very close to, though you only met them once but that once was witnessing them die

or them being the last thing you saw before you died

You have no fear of monsters under your bed because your room is the only place relatively safe from monsters

You have more friends whose names are in the graveyard then you ever have had in the entirety of your life before

Blood stains look normal, as do letters written in blood, what else would they be written in?

Despite the fact you might only have four days to live you refuse to believe you will fail because stubborn optimism is about the only thing you have left


The phrase "you tried" makes you both laugh crazily and sob

Whales are hilarious

You have asked the question "Wait is my character alive atm?" At least twice

You both grin in glee and cower in fear whenever a mod plurk or ooc post goes up
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You have asked the question "Wait is my character alive atm?" At least twice

More like 'wait a minute which of my characters are alive, they can't all be dead right?'
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You accidentally kill a girl thanks to brainwashing... and now you're kind of engaged.

People all around you are having their hearts stolen, but you still find a spot in your schedule to 'spend a long time' with Yukiko.
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Puberty is only the second scariest time of your life...

... unless they're both at once.

You've had some organs ripped out more than once.
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connected: Your voice breaks and you assume you are being turned into a giant monster mouse

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You have considered that staying dead in your world would have been the better option.

Oh that's just my legendary boyfriend, nbd.

What do you mean I can't kill it even if I rip it's head off???


Ok but how can I horribly traumatize them this experiment?
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You can't watch the beginning of Chicago with a straight face any more.

...The same with listening to any song by Jay Brannan.

being your half-boyfriend is only half baaaaaaaad
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Coming across at least two versions of a single person isn't a big deal

Nor it is weird when they're totally different ages

All gifts received are instantly met with suspicion

You never want to eat seafood ever again

The idea of attending a masquerades and/or donning a mask makes you very uncomfortable

"Frenemies" is an acceptable relationship status

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>You never want to eat seafood ever again

Or go to the beach
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You forget that at one point your character was actually something more than just a wireframe.
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Glamour Failure's Corollary: You forget that your character didn't always know they were a wireframe.
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You can never enjoy candy again and developed a phobia towards Halloween.
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I seem to have...what is it they say, "dodged a bullet"?


I heard you all have "tight buns" from climbing flights of stairs!
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Going back home to face enemies many more times your strength doesn't seem like such a big deal anymore.

You can never appreciate the taste of lemon ever again.

You're actually really uncomfortable with silence.

You come back from a visit to the homeworld and wonder what smashed into the Tower last.

Losing a limb isn't a big deal either; just wait until the next event and dying will reset it.

You actually have to request that your hair be updated so you don't have to keep cutting it every time you die.

You will never laugh at people with animal ears or tails ever again.

Dealing with heartbreak seems easier than dealing with the fact your world has been destroyed.
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[OOC] It takes you a minute to parse the word "tower" properly. (e.g., when they're talking about a computer tower...)
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