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This isn't actually a meme!

But it is a place for everyone to write/discuss what their characters will have seen in the mirrors in the event: recharge? The mod post is Here!

So post to your hearts content, describe what they will have seen, read everyone else's, give advice on how to make them more awful!

I HAVE NO GIFS, Pretend there is a cute one here!
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Some KH3D spoilers

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She sees everything. There's really no other way to describe it. Every possibility, every future that could happen, that could have happened, that almost happened and almost never could have happened, it's all laid bare before her in one infinitesimal moment. She's been lost before, lost in a tide of memories whirling around her head, till she didn't know who or where she was was she Riku was she Roxas Sora home remember everyone islands mycl osest fr iends whatisgoingon-

That felt like a drop in the ocean compared to this.

Everything at once, from good to bad to everything in between. There's the flash of claws and teeth of darkness, of claymores and chakrams and keyblades, and pain, unimaginable pain. And then, even more horrifying still there's flashes of gold, and screaming inside, and the the memory flickering through her mind "Find a new crowd. Trust me, those guys are bad news" and only now does she understand how right he was.

And then there's others, painful in their own way and their intensity, bright sunlight, laughter, beaches and sunsets and the taste of sea-salt ice cream on her tongue. Knowing, somehow knowing, that he'd fixed it he'd done it he'd saved them or even that they'd saved themselves. They'd done it they'd won and that's somehow even more painful to her than being torn to pieces by heartless.

And every once in a while there's a flash, a few brief moments where she can see and remember, when everything makes sense and she knows what's going on-

-she's in the world that never was and there's Sora before her. She's sad, disappointed, he doesn't know her and it's no surprise, she doesn't even think this is real. then he reaches a hand up and touches his face, there's a tear rolling down and she knows she has to run, she can't stay here can't face him-

-She screams as his Keyblade slams down on her back. She doesn't want to fight him, but she can't resist it. She can't resist whatever it was Xemnas did to her. (She knows it was him, she woke up, she saw him, she couldn't move she couldn't do anything to attack to defend to stop him from changing her.) She can use this, though. The situation isn't without hope. If she taunts him, if she holds herself back just enough, he should be the one who wins, the one who survives, and that's all she can ask for right now. She hates that it has come to this, but she knows it isn't her fault or his fault or Riku's fault or anyone's but Xemnas'. Except maybe it is her fault, because she can't seem to stop, she can't stop herself, and as she feels her body turn and swing the warped Keyblade she just wants to scream-

-she's in bed and she's being hugged, Roxas is hugging her, Axel Lea is hugging her. There's Sora and Kairi and Riku and Namine and Aqua and two other faces she knows are familiar, Sora's her parents, they're all happy and relieved and she knows they were afraid for her somehow, but that fear is gone and she's happy to be with them-

-she's curled up in a ball, hand over her heart, with wisps of darkness rising up everywhere, trying not to panic-

-they're running together, he didn't die and he found her and he told her the truth when she needed it and now they're running. he's Ira in the Tower but here he doesn't have a name yet, though she keeps trying to get him to pick one. there's the fear they'll be found, that the Organization will try to get their wayward puppets back and use them again like they'd tried to do. they'd both narrowly escaped dozens of times, and now they're trying to find someone who will help them, her brother refuses to go to Riku but there has to be somebody-

-she's at a beach, with bright sunlight and people all up and down (a resort town), she's in a dark suit with a braid down her back and her bangs carefully pinned out of the way, her fingers dig into the sand and it feels wonderful, with waves washing against. there's the sound of someone flopping down on the sand and she turns and sees Reno there, and she knows knows that she was able to go home with him-

-there's a desert, full of keys standing upright keys that each belonged to somebody once, and she knows somehow that there was a fight there once, and there will be again, and she might be a part of that fight-

-they're at a world together, all of them, a world that is all their own-

It's too much, too much, and it the end it bears down on her, until she surrenders to the darkness for the pure relief of not having to see anything at all.

(note: The part from Fey's timeline is from here, used with permission)
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The one consolation is that if he doesn't kill God, he doesn't reincarnate.

There are timelines in which he kills Lucifer and helps Satan destroy all who question God's will. There are timelines in which he kills both Lucifer and Satan. There are timelines where he's killed before he can reach his goal.

And then there are worlds after his. Worlds where he is born under a different name, Jyoji Hijiri or any other, and in those worlds he remembers nothing, but always he is born into a world on the brink of destruction.

The one constant in an infinite number of possibilities. Aleph is only born into worlds that will soon end. God's curse is absolute.

Sometimes the worlds are reborn. Sometimes they become a world ruled by Law, or something closer to Chaos, or sometimes they fester and rot. And Aleph has only the slightest control over the end before he dies and is reborn.

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general P3/P4/P4G/P4A spoilers, reference to the P5 trailer

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The moment Yukiko's hand touches the mirror, it's like time stands still for a moment. It's only a moment, but her eyes widen and she finds herself trembling. The time she was lost in a prison of her own making was nothing compared to this. It's being lost and being found again in too many ways to count, too many possibilities for where things could begin and end and begin again.

Who knew the world could end in so many ways? She didn't, not until now.

There's the fog rolling in, thick and heavy, obscuring everything. Main Street, the Amagi Inn, Inaba Station. Okina City, out over the beach in both directions. A laugh, and then a rush of Shadows as worlds combine that were never meant to be combined.

Then she's getting a glimpse into the past, seeing a face she knows so well, and the words it's too late echoing almost too loudly. She recognizes some of the faces of the people sprawled onto the ground, dead in a fight they couldn't win to begin with. After that? Only blackness.

The scene shifts. First, a conversation between Yu, Naoto, and Yosuke, the words 'the truth will forever be lost in darkness' especially painful coming from the detective. Months pass in an instant, until Yukiko gets a look at a back room in what looks like the Inaba Police Department. There's Yu, and there's Adachi. No, she whispers, watching as Yu says 'I'm on your side', takes the last piece of evidence, and burns it.

Another shift, this time jumping forward six months. There, in the other world, there's Labrys' Shadow, and one by one, she and her friends confront it. One by one, they all fall. She holds her hands up, shaking as that battle-axe comes down...

There's that voice they all heard when things were all over at the end of the tournament. Something - it's hard to tell what - comes out, and all she can sense from it is chaos. Chaos, and something darker, something she can't quite pinpoint.

There's no stopping the visions as they change. There's only a fleeting glimpse of each one. Most of them are unhappy, one in particular standing out - a group of chairs with chains attached to them. Something bad, and she doesn't know what before it's gone.

Yukiko reaches out towards one possibility in particular; it's the happiest out of the ones she's seen. Everyone's together, everyone's smiling and happy and out of danger. No more fog, no more threats of a Fall, no chains. It feels like if she could just reach a little further, it would be right within her grasp -

- and then it's gone. She starts to cry as the last vision fades, the tears obscuring her sight. Then things go completely black.
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Infinite Undiscovery spoilers

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Capell frowned, not liking how the lights were dimming, but something told him to touch the mirror and it seemed like it was the way out. So he did so.

The moon destroyed the world, even his sacrifice hadn't been enough, they had been too late. The chain hadn't been cut in time. The moon crashed into the earth, killing most of those who lived there.

In others he saved them, he was on time, the moon floated away, him on it.

The aristos of the world fell into a deep sleep. His friends forgave him, his friends hated him.

In some worlds Fayina and Lief watched as the world was saved- or fell as it was destroyed. In some they were dead, Capell failing to protect them.

There were worlds were he found a way back to earth, finding Aya again, and there were worlds were his friends didn't get off the bridge in time, perishing in their attempt to get back to earth.

In some Aya stayed with him, Edward not able to take her away, in some Edward stayed too. Sometimes the whole group stayed.

It all burst into his head at once, as he passed through the mirror.
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It was very similar to the scrying bowl of Lady Galadrial's. The visions slightly different, but just as harrowing and terrifying. He saw them perish on the mountain side, he saw them picked up by eagles. He saw the shire burned and destroyed. He saw Hobbits fighting, but at the same time he returned home to a peaceful shire.

They defeated Saruman and he defeated them. Sam saw his family enslaved, he saw the Shire rebuilt. He married Rosie and watched her perish under a cruel regime in the same heartbeat.

Frodo sailed away with the elves, and Sam watched him waste away in the shire. He had children, lots of children and they ran around a free shire. He lived in Bag End, or he lived and died fighting evil that rose up again and again.

Endless possibilities in a hearbeat, bad and good. Things to make his heart swell in happiness and things to make him sink to the depths of despair. The world in ruins, the world freed from darkness. His own life happy and fulfilled or him alone, in pain.
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He's used to seeing visions of the past. But visions of the future are new.

He sees all of the paths his cousin could have taken - his path, God's path, paths proposed by Atsuro and Yuzu and Kaido and a thousand other people he did or could have met.

He sees assaults on heaven, with him planning the attacks. Assaults on the demon world, with him chained and tortured. He sees cities falling and new ones rising - he sees himself being sealed into sleep, waking in a boy who faces his own decision about humanity's path.

He sees worlds that could have been, had he broken the curse - himself happy and content. He sees world where he didn't kill Abel, and where they lived peacefully.

He sees worlds of infinite torture, and ones of infinite pleasure. Worlds with his brother at his throat, fighting him in hatred. He sees himself reincarnated again and again, each time losing a little more sanity and patience, until every incarnation leaves him in constant and intense madness and pain.

It's these last visions that crush him most of all, leaving him with a sick feeling in his stomach. As the visions release him, he falls, doing his best to not lose either his composure or his lunch.
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Waver was not Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg, and he had no desire to be. Someone who could wield True Magic and simply pass between worlds was something that he didn't even want to begin to comprehend, Dead Apostle or otherwise. Never mind the implications Second Magic suggested: infinite similar worlds with blatant and seemingly impossible differences. Accepting as much from the Tower was easy; parallel worlds were a confirmed existence. It was crossing or even understanding them that was the trick.

He's eighteen and the war ends for him on the first night. The last thing he hears is Kayneth ordering Berserker to kill him--even Lancer wasn't expecting that, and the Servant's makeshift weapon simply cuts him down without resistance.

It was in understanding them that Waver ran into a problem. For the first time he was forced to confront the much darker side of Second Magic: the idea of timelines where things were flat-out wrong.

The world ends in fire. Black curses pour forth from the corrupted Holy Grail in the form of mud flooding the streets of Fuyuki. Tohsaka's nowhere in sight, both their Servants corrupted by the unholy mass the Grail produced...he's alone. Alone and screaming as the world begins to burn and fall because of his own failure.

Now it occurred to him; there were endless worlds where 'Waver Velvet' existed. One who relied so heavily upon logical thought would of course come to the reasonable conclusion. With so many worlds, there were sure to be countless versions that failed. And following from that, Waver had to begin to question something.

It was over; following the dismantling of the Grail, the Clock Tower's favored professor returned to work after narrowly avoiding a Sealing Designation. Always at his side was Diarmuid (which one?) as was only natural. Life was far from perfect and there was still social reform to put into motion, but things were as close to ideal as he'd hoped.

What iteration was he? Predetermined futures weren't something he held much belief in, but seeing everything laid out before him made it difficult to see things any other way.

The criminal magi who dismantled an artifact of True Magic would of course receive Sealing Designations. It was just him and Tohsaka--it wasn't fair to her, to be labeled with the Association's version of a death sentence for his stupid idea. He dies standing in opposition to several Enforcers, giving Rin as much time to escape as possible.

How did Zelretch function with knowledge on this level? Trying to comprehend so much at once was maddening; Waver wanted to scream, to just die and end the onslaught of rapid-fire instances of his own death over and over in hundreds of different ways. But as abruptly as it had begun, it was over--the next thing Waver knew, he was in his empty dorm room, waking up and leveling a blank and horrified stare at the ceiling as the details rapidly faded into a nightmare haze of blood and fire.
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Vague Fate/Zero Spoilers (Warning for Ruana being Ruana.)

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It's hard to image a worse ending considering how Diarmuid had died in the war. And yet worse endings are what hit Diarmuid fast and hard once he touches the mirror. In one he wins the Grail for his lord, only to have Sola-Ui go back on her word. She uses the command spells she took from Kayneth to bind Diarmuid to her will, she uses the wish to bring him into true incarnation, and then she murders Kayneth so there is nothing more that can come between them as the city burns around them.

In another world he falls and doesn't end up in the Tower, but still returns to the world--this time as a gift given to a King whose wish for entertainment the Grail can find no other way to fulfill. Ten years of pain and enslavement follow. Ten years of having what little is left of himself stripped away, until only a completely broken and obedient toy remains. Of course, broken toys, no matter how obedient, are boring. At least, final death had been quick...

And then there is the 6th war, the war seeped in corruption. Dismantling the Grail fails in the worst way possible, spreading the corruption in the Grail to all parts of the world instead. Honor and nobility does not last long in that war, and Diarmuid finds himself sacrificed to the corruption, used as a tool to slaughter innocents and fellow servants alike. The only small light comes when a face he can barely recognize through the darkness releases him.

The futures aren't restricted to his world, though. Perhaps, it's because of how much he has let go of his own world that he sees possible Tower futures as well. He sees everyone fail in so many ways, he sees everyone he cares about die in so many ways, but the worst is when he sees Ruana devour Waver's soul right in front of him. In that world, red and black flood his eyesight and he falls into a madness he never comes out of again. The pain caused by seeing that future is so strong and so real, that Diarmuid almost loses himself to it.

Then...there is a light, a small one, but something Diarmuid cannot help but reach for...

They are at Newgrange, he and Waver. It's Samhain night and they shouldn't be there. The historical site is closed to visitors, but then again, Diarmuid isn't exactly a visitor. This is home, or at least, the location of the gate that had led to his father's home thousands of years ago.

He turns to Waver with a smile and reaches out his hand, a link to pull the modern into the past. A link to pull them both back home...

When Diarmuid wakes in his room, he just lays there for a long time staring at the ceiling with wet eyes, replaying that last future over and over in his in his mind in an attempt to drive away everything else he has seen.
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Shion touches the mirror and a thousand possibilities burst into his head at once. Rat leaves him in West Town, destroyed No. 6, Shion and him work together to get into the correctional facility. They are captured by guards in West Town, people fall around them. A baby screams and Shion rescues him, in other worlds the baby is killed shot by soldiers before Shion can grab him. Sometimes Shion is shot too, and sometimes Rat.

Sometimes they walk into the correctional facility, sometimes they are merely dumped there. Shion sees himself try to murder people, he sees himself climbing a wall of corpses. He sees Rat sing, hears Rat sing. The songs are always peaceful, rats cut rope from Shion's wrist, Rat sings people to death. He sees them fail so many times, he sees himself making mistakes. Every calculation goes wrong every way it can.

Rat dies a thousand times, in or out of the correctional facility. Shion kills in return, out of anger, calmly. A thousand different senario's where he loses control, murders for Rat.

They find Safu, she's alive, but more often she is dead. They find her body in exploded labs, they speak to her through Elyurius. It is a name Shion doesn't know but one that is repeated in almost every branch. Elyurius. He stares at Safu's brain, all that is left of her.

He dies, Rat dies. Shion saves Rat, Rat saves Shion. Safu, Elyurius save Shion. They escape, they both perish. Elyurius destroys No. 6, bees swarm up from a thousand bodies. They save the city, it is enthrusted to them.

Rat leaves Shion. A thousand times, in a thousand different ways. He disappears in the middle of the night. He waits to say goodbye, he leaves Shion with the baby he found. Shion watches him walk away.

Sometimes he's not there at all, he's dead and Shion is alone. Shion builds up No. 6 and he destroys it. The world ends, the world is restored. Shion returns, and he doesn't. Everything at once is too much.
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He was back in Tai with Gyousou, the kingdom of Tai recovered slowly. There was war, Gyousou was killed, and it was up to Taiki to find a king once more. There was a coup, Taiki was attacked and found himself on earth. He watched himself get older, he watched himself never age in Tai. He saw the kingdom of Tai last a thousand years and he saw it destroyed and in ruin. He watched Gyousou rule with kindness and justice.

He watched Sanshi and Gohran kill his earth parents, he watched himself lost and alone. He and Risuke wandered the kingdoms looking for Gyousou, he grew old on earth confused and lost, having forgotten his duty. His horn was cut away. He watched as Gyousou fell from the way and saw himself die of shitsudou.

He saw Gyousou cut down in the palace, and he saw them, older even if they hadn't aged, together and living in peace.

He lost Sanshi and Gohran, the Kingdom fell so many times, but in other branches it was prosperous, in some the whole world remained dead, and in others Taiki returned.

It was so much, every possibility, of great happiness or great sorrow and everything in between.
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so many KH3D spoilers

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So, I had a need to update my initial post and since that broke even DW's character limit, I moved that to his journal.

Probably more relevant to this post is the list of things that Riku gets to somewhat recall from this experience (in bits and pieces anyway):

- a mash-up of both variations of his confrontation with Roxas
- fighting Kairi while working for the Organization
- confronting the Lingering Will in the Keyblade Graveyard
- being reunited with Sora in the World That Never Was
- encountering Aqua in the Dark Margin
- watching Radiant Garden being consumed by Darkness
- talking with Joshua about the truth behind the dream worlds
- confronting YMX in Symphony of Sorcery
- his final conversation with Ansem, SoD
- Xehanort implanting part of his heart into Sora
- the image of meeting Roxas/Ventus/Xion in Sora's Heart and his conversation with Ansem the Wise
- being named a Keyblade Master
- finding corrupted!Sora in Traverse Town
- a mash-up/best-of of all the times where he was lost in darkness/killed/faded/ect
- a final flash of the Keyblade Graveyard
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It's a moment, only a moment. But in that moment, there's so much to see. His mind latches onto bits and pieces as best it can.

The distinct feeling of striking something with the Veil, normally in some measure satisfying in his own claim to perversity, but this time there's Lucifel's face, his eyes wide in shock and pain and choking on his own breath and being lifted into the air and something under the Veil gives...

There's pain, immeasurable pain such that he can't even tell which part of him hurts, and there's blood and Lucifel above him, face flecked with it and his hands drenched in it.

There's nothing. Crumbling fragments of something and human souls floating astray. He can't feel his legs. Lucifel fixes him with a baleful glare.

A teenage girl who looks remarkably like him raises a gleaming white gun to her head and pulls the trigger.

He, Michael, and Lucifel pry Michael's Ring away from a prison. Armaros forms and stumbles out, into Enoch's arms. He looks up as Lucifel offers a hand, a staircase stretching up behind him that Michael is already beginning to climb.

Lucifel walks down a street in a pitiful state, dressed in ragged clothes, his hair down and immense sorrow in his eyes.

He slams the door to the house in Meridian open and runs to catch up a very confused Armaros in his arms and hold on tight.

Ruana's too-sharp teeth snap at Lucifel's collarless neck as he holds her away. There's the weight of a person in his arms.

Something glowing blue spins in the air before him. He reaches out for it.

He and Lucifel lie side by side on a stone roof, gazing up at the sky.

"I was waiting for you," he's saying as he approaches Lucifel in a strange blue place, spreading his arms to invite embrace.

He, Lucifel, Armaros, and a woman he recognizes as Nanna grown sit in the branches of a gigantic tree, talking and laughing together.

It's dark and the glamour is gone, the only light their souls as he sits in his pod waiting for the end, huddled with Lucifel, Yotsuba, and Zett.

Lucifel and Raphael sit on upturned crates in the ruins of Meridian, holding a sober conversation with him. Sola leans against a shelf, sullen and from the corner of his eye he can see Zeph dozing on that shelf.

Despair and pain overwhelm him and he only knows he wants to destroy those who have hurt him.

He presents a baseball to Ruana. Their surroundings are unfamiliar.

His lungs and throat burn from inhaling and ingesting seawater for more than a year. But he has an eternity to heal. Alone.

He hits the ground on the other side of the mirror, arms crossed protectively over his dimmed soul, his mind still reeling. Confused and exhausted, he slides into unconsciousness.
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The most prominent thing in her mind is being returned to her duties as the World's Sword, an endless battle she would fight through time and space despite how much she wished and cried and screamed for it to stop. Only somehow better and worse. Worse, because she had a year of freedom to remember and now her body was no longer even her own and it made her screams and rage to even be able to speak all the worse. Better, because she selfishly knows she is not the only one and her heart ache lightens on the rare occasion when she catches glimpses of a red coat and flying swords now that she knows to look.

It's the worlds where she sees familiar faces where it cuts her the most: possibilities covered in the mud of the Grail or worse. Worlds in which she has to slay and is slain by those familiar to her: Diarmuid, twisted by the mud of the Grail. Her other self in a last ditch effort to stop her Master from completing the ritual. Archer, who she only manages to strike through the heart when he recognizes her face. In his dying breath he asked her to fight the world's hold and save her. Save.... someone. Time had eaten at her mind so much she could no longer remember who his master had been, only that her heart ached beyond reasoning from it.

There was a world in which she appeared and Taiga killed her with one blow over the head with her shinai while screaming about a ghost. If she could, Arturia would have laughed at that one.

And yet, there were glimpses of other things besides performing her duties. Snatches of visions where she had somehow managed to keep her freedom. Worlds where she was able to escape her awful duties thought the guilt of it would stay with her all her days.

A world in which they managed to restore the power, but that is as far as Ruana allows them to go. She keeps them there, torturing them eternally with sadistic game after sadistic game.

In another world, she goes with Zelda and sees her friend make her Kingdom thrive against all odds. The kingdom flourish more than Camelot had, though the Queen constantly looked worried, as if she were sure it were all for naught somehow.

She sees herself holding to Shirou as the final seconds of the timer countdown, every attempt to save themselves having failed. To distract themselves, they make up a hypothetical future that she now knows doesn't exist across the timelines.

She sees herself snapping and flinging herself off the Tower again and again and again, enjoying the rush of the fall and losing more and more of herself with each revival. Arturia has lost many people over the centuries. What does it matter if she lets her soul get torn to shreds?

Somehow, she's traveling with Veigar. Her companion making proclamations about his "Evil" even as they ultimately did good for people because his "ally" asked it of him as a "favor" or he grumbled about how she would "complain" if they left people to suffer.

The last of these she sees is a vaguely familiar card table, a deck in her hands as the world goes crazy once more around her and her companions.

Arturia knew then, in her heart of hearts, she truly did not want to go back. Not to her world. Not to her fighting. She once told a friend he had to find the lines he would not cross and to be brutally honest with himself about it to protect himself.

To her horror, Arturia realized she could not find her line. Not when it came to ensuring she would never return to her world.