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It's that time again~


You want to join the game with a (new) character? Maybe you’re simply curious about the premise? Or maybe you just need a sample. Well that’s the meme for you to try and test your character as if they were already in the tower! The meme is open to anyone!

• Reply to this entry with a character you consider apping! Put your character’s name and fandom- Your usual meme thing.
• Comment around with your pups. You can also post and tag with characters already in-game of course!
• Most importantly, have fun!!
Then feel free to go and reserve/app your character.
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Kyousuke Kamijo | Puella Magi Madoka Magica

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[...Ah, the music room, a place where all the instruments are stored. He knew that he shouldn't be moving around those dangerous floors so soon after he awakened but he, like any other human being, just wanted to... see the full tower for himself.

Therefore, those who happened to visit it would hear this being played by a silver-haired teen.]
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[The tower's got to be taunting her again.

Ever since.. what had happened in May, Sayaka had avoided this floor quite a bit - she was usually overcome by unease while just quickly climbing the stairs past, so lingering just seemed like a bad plan.

Today she couldn't just make herself climb past. Usually, the autonomous instruments formed far too much of a din for someone just quickly passing through to pick out anything individual - but how couldn't this catch her ear? The style - it was way too familiar -

Before she realizes it, Sayaka's run into the music room proper, approaching where the violins were kept. She'd burned the way there into her head on her first visit.

When she sees it's a person playing, she stops stock still and just.. watches. Any voice she might have been able to summon would die before interrupting him, anyway.]
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[The person playing it seemed to take no notice to who's currently watching him as the song goes on. So engrossed he was that the surroundings around him blurred and the only things he could see are his hands, his violin, and the notes within his head as they danced around him, tempting him to create beautiful melodies as they showed him how to play the music properly.

A flash of blue. That seemed familiar but again, the player continued to play, deciding to pour his confused emotions into the piece he's currently playing.

Grab a seat and listen, this might take a while.]
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[The floor counts as a pretty good seat, right? That's a rhetorical question.

It's really him. Fake or phantom, it's hard to care - it's really Kyousuke, right there like some ultimate culmination of all the nudging reminders of him the tower had subjected her to. Sorry, tower at large - Sayaka's a little bit busy being wrapped up in this fact to have much higher processing right now.]
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["So when I tell them that I know the name of a piece, they're always really surprised."

Fragments of memories, her voices swam in his head. After all, her death was still fresh in his mind, which just punctured his healing heart even more, making all those healed parts drenched in blood again.

He wanted to believe and yet disbelieve that the flash of blue that he just saw was really her and that she's alive, as she's supposed to be a part of heaven, as she should be. This tower is the worst possible place for he-

"Kyousuke, if you hadn't shown these to me, I probably would have never heard them."


Since when did a performance caused him to tear up midway?]
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I should feel worse about doing this than I do.

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[Well, that performance is going to be interrupted, by the loud rambling of a redhead sticking her head in the room. Uncouth and irritated things came from her mouth, probably about Sayaka - at least, until she spotted the girl.]

THERE you are, Sayaka! Just who d'you think you are, runnin' off on me like that, huh?!

[Give her a moment, she hasn't quite realized the implications of where she's at, what's going on, and how it ties into past events.]
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you should

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[..he was crying. She couldn't just sit there now, no way. Not sure what she will do, Sayaka forces herself to stand back up--

And then she could practically hear a record screech in her head as Lina's familiarly infuriating voice booms through the room.]

It's - it's not my fault you can't keep up worth anything! Uh...

[The snap back was reflexive, and Sayaka immediately takes a step back and covers her mouth afterwards. This definitely isn't the circumstances she wants to meet him again under--]
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[...Alright, the resulting conversation actually jarred himself from his concentration, leaving a teenager staring confusedly at the two wom-

...Was his mind playing tricks again? Or was it the lure of the tower that constructed this image before him? ...Or is the person he's really seeing her? His mind is clouded from frustration at his world's destruction and confusion from the strangeness of the tower.

So don't mind him staring blankly. Well, after wiping his tears since it's embarrassing to be found crying by two women.]
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[Luckily for Kyousuke, Lina didn't see him crying. She's too focused on Sayaka right now.]

No, but it's your fault for runnin' off--

[Lina cuts off when Sayaka covers her mouth, confused by this reaction.]

What's gotten into you?
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[When he looks up, she unthinkingly meets Kyousuke's eyes - Sayaka's pretty sure that this just became the longest moment in her life. After a couple eternities, she forcibly looks down at the floor, at her own distraught-looking reflection in the polish.

...it's no good if he sees her so upset. Deep breath, Sayaka. Composure!]

..you've got the worst timing in the world, y'know that, Lina?