13 December 2013 @ 11:00 am
Okay, I'm resisting the urge to give characters in the OOC post Guinea pig PBs like I did for Waver and now I'm being enabled.

So why not turn it into a meme thing?

Comment here and I and others will respond with pictures of animals who could totally be your character. Cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, snakes, et al. IT DOESN'T MATTER! JUST POST AWAY AND BE SILLY!
05 December 2013 @ 11:31 am

1) Comment to this post with a list of your characters! This meme, by the way, is voluntary but recommended.

2) Give and receive constructive criticism! We'll be watching and we will intervene if flames are being thrown about. Additionally, this is for commenting on the characters, and not the people playing them.

3) This meme is more for concrit than compliments--there will be a compliments meme for straight-out love, don't worry.
04 December 2013 @ 03:09 pm
OOC Character Question Meme

᠉ Ever had a question about another person's interpretation
of a character but didn't know how to ask?

᠉ Aren't the type to tl;dr on your own but love answering
those kinds of questions?

᠉ If you meet one of those criteria, troll below! Comment
with your character journals to be asked questions.

᠉ Please keep all discussion civil. :)
26 November 2013 @ 08:32 pm

They call it the Tower of Animus - the tower of souls. In that place, they draw the soul out of you, and give it a shape of its own.

In this version of the Tower, there's a new meaning to the name; every character, from the most mundane human to the most powerful of gods, has picked up a daemon upon arrival. Originally from the His Dark Materials trilogy, daemons are essentially physical manifestations of a person's soul, which take the form of animals.

And now, residents of the Tower, you have found yourself accompanied by one!

Some quick daemon facts:
  • - They can talk, no matter shape they take, and each daemon has a unique name and voice.
  • - A human can use their daemon's senses and vice-versa, although it takes some level of skill and concentration between the two.
  • - Children's dæmons can change form at will; around puberty they 'settle' and become one animal permanently. Some daemons tend towards forms similar to their final ones before settling; others seem to settle suddenly.
  • - Neither the person or the dæmon chooses the final settled form, but it always reflects their personality (although not necessarily in obvious or simple ways). This might be an animal from Earth, or something native to your character's world; the only stipulations are size (no smaller than a bumblebee, no larger than a horse) and sapience (daemons do not take the form of creatures that are themselves sentient). Aquatic daemons are possible, although rare.
  • Typically, the personality of a daemon is similar to their human's, but tends to represent the less-often expressed parts of that personality.
  • - They are almost always the opposite sex from the person they're attached to (about 90% of the time).
  • - If a dæmon feels pain, so will their person, and vice versa - if one dies, the other does too. A slain daemon dissipates into a shower of golden light.
  • - Being physically apart from one's dæmon causes horrible emotional and physical pain; the majority of people can't stand to be more than across the room from their daemon. There are some people (women called "witches") in the HDM universe who have forced themselves away from their daemons and are no longer bound by this limitation; their daemons can range apart from them for miles.
  • - Dæmons frequently talk to and touch each other, in ways that reflect or complement their persons' interactions, but dæmons talking to humans other than their own is considered strange, and touching humans not their own is extremely taboo; it generally occurs only between long-time lovers. Touching someone else's dæmon without permission is a terrible violation.
  • - A person who is "severed" from their daemon and no longer connected to it seems to behave like a soul-less zombie; the daemon, in turn, is quiet and complacent, and generally settles in an unnoteworthy form. In-universe, severing can only be done to children whose daemons have not settled, but, well, this is the Tower. Go wild :'D

Respond to this post with your character and information about their daemon (name, gender, settled/unsettled, and settled or common forms) and maybe a prompt or two, and you're all set to go! If you'd like help deciding on a daemon, there's an OOC Daemon-help thread on the first comment of this post.

[About half of non Tower-specific text was cribbed off of the original meme on bakerstreet.]

Here's whatcha do, folks.
☇ Go here.
☇ Lose several hours of time.
☇ Make a list of tropes that apply to your character(s)!
☇ Post said list after losing several more hours.
☇ Respond to others with additional ones you think apply to them
☇ Realize oh dang it's 3 am and you're lost on the Evangelion pages.
☇ May Zelretch have mercy on your soul.
08 November 2013 @ 02:52 pm
the gold star meme

Everyone loves to know that they are doing well, and everyone knows the child’s ambition of getting a bazillion gold stars to rub in everyone else’s faces. Now is your chance to pass out all the stars that you ever wanted (and get some in return)! Spread some love and joy, say something you’ve always meant to say but never could, or maybe make someone’s day.


1. Post a blank comment with your character’s name in the subject
2. Comment to other comments in character with the star codes below
3. Feel free to modify the alternate text
4. Have fun, be polite!

Read more... )

(snagged from [community profile] allmymemes)
06 November 2013 @ 03:50 pm
Animus has been going on for quite a while--plenty of time for players to build up really fantastic CR and go through a whole slew of events (planned and impromptu)--so Zen and I were thinking: what if we compiled an IC scrapbook or photo album of sorts? I've been taking sketch requests for a few weeks now, Zen has offered to color them, but the fanart meme we had last month says that we're obviously not the only artists that have drawn stuff about the happenings of the Tower. This could be a fun project for all of us--long-term, definitely, but I think ultimately very rewarding!

The organization of this collection is mostly undecided. If we're going for a photo album theme, we'd have multiple sections for specific character headshots, family sections, specific events and gatherings, and so on. No outside fanart or icons here; all pictures would be drawn as if taken within the Tower (bonus points if a specific character starts this project in the game itself!). There'd be spots for the Admins (glamoured and un-glamoured versions, where applicable), all characters requested (dropped and active), possibly honorable mentions (for characters left at home but still sorely missed)...what's included is really up to those participating.

We could have done this over Plurk, but this way we get the full range of people interested and we can keep things a lot better organized. A questions post is enclosed; if you'd like to sign up as an artist, comment with your name and what kinds of art you're willing to do, as well as any pictures you have already done that you'd like to offer. If you have a request for a specific artist, just comment to their post with the request and they'll get to it when they can. If you have a more general request for anyone involved, just make a separate comment and artists can offer their services for it.

Note: This is a fun project for fun!! We don't expect anyone to start taking commissions, nor do we want people stressing out over getting requests done or not having their request answered or whatever. Silly sketches are fine. As this would be an ICly-distributed scrapbook that's trying to paint things positively, it would be safe to assume that submissions should be more-or-less SFW, keeping in mind that as a horror RP some gore is unavoidable, and that the humor of a crudely-drawn stick-figure Ruana with "huge bitch" written over her face would be appreciated enough to be an exception. Conversely, if you'd rather draw just good ol' fanart or anything else that you don't think would be shown ICly (i.e. if you do want to draw something NSFW), just mark it as such and we can make a separate section for that, too! Basically, we don't expect grand works of art, nor is there any looming deadline to get any of this done. Enjoy yourselves! Appreciate the artistry of your fellow muns! Profit!
05 November 2013 @ 04:25 pm

1) Comment to this post with a list of your characters! This meme, by the way, is voluntary but recommended.

2) Give and receive constructive criticism! We'll be watching and we will intervene if flames are being thrown about. Additionally, this is for commenting on the characters, and not the people playing them.

3) This meme is more for concrit than compliments--there will be a compliments meme for straight-out love, don't worry.

'Cause everyone loves music, right?

➤ Post with your character, linking various songs and/or lyrics that you associate with them. 
➤ Comment to others! Suggest and share music! PARTY ROCK IN DAX'S POD THE HOUSE TONIIIIGHT.
➤ Realize that the Dax's Pod meme is suddenly very sad.
➤ No seriously, that's it. Have fun!
28 October 2013 @ 08:15 pm

Has your character ever wanted to confess something to another character, whether good or bad? Well, here's a chance for your character to confess whatever's on their mind! Who knows, maybe it's your character's deepest darkest secrets - despair-worthy tragedies such as failing to save someone to cheating on your third grade history exam. Or maybe yours is just itching to tell someone else that yeah, you think they're kind of a prick. You know how it is.


01. Post with your character!
02. Post to other characters, either logged in or anon, and tell them how you really feel!
03. Remember, this is an IC meme, not an OOC one. OOC shenanigans are fun, but let's keep this IC!
24 October 2013 @ 10:04 pm

Test Drive Meme

✭ Reply to this entry with a character you're considering apping into the game. You can include the name of your character and the fandom in your subject line.
✭ Check out our plot guide if you're interested in what's happened thus far!
✭ Comment around to others on the meme, whether you're in the game already or not.
✭ Now you have a sample ready for your application!
✭ So go reserve your character, and apply when apps are open.
✭ Seriously, do it.

To get you started, here are a few optional prompts for you to use if you so wish:

22 October 2013 @ 02:46 am

so I got totally hooked on these...

This meme is pretty simple! We'll make A Softer World remixes, Tower-style - here's a nifty how-to! (Note: for those who use SAI, an easier method to pull the text is to use the selection tool that just lets you make a box, lined up with the edges of the white; you can then hold the shift key while doing it again to add in the uneven edges like the text on the right-hand box of the above image.)

So do things that fit your characters/their development/their CR and have fun! If you have an idea for one but don't have the programs necessary to make it, go ahead and just leave a suggestion/request for someone else to do!
19 October 2013 @ 12:25 pm

There is a plain book with a blank cover and no title nor author printed on its spine, which was a tad odd. Maybe it was left laying about on a table in one of the lounges, or jammed into your mailbox, or stuffed into the shelves in the library between all the other books. It could even had been abandoned on the floor of some random hallway, waiting for somebody to wander by and harmlessly pick it up.

And then you just happened to be that somebody!

You felt curiously compelled to open the book and read it. Unfortunately, you probably weren't expecting to be pulled inside the book's pages where the memories of another character awaited you. And there's no way out. It seems the book wouldn't consent to release you until you've "read" all of that character's memories up to the moment they were pulled to the Tower.

Better get to it.

prompts )
The CR Meme!

 photo FrodoSamhug_zps40746566.gif

1.) Fill out that form!
2.) Reply to other people!
3.) Tell everyone and spread the CR! Or the love! Or both~
4.) ????
6.) PROFIT! ~<3

15 October 2013 @ 05:04 pm
What Tarot card best represents your character?

If you know Minor Arcana, absolutely hit me with that, I'm making us a deck and I hate decks that only do Major Arcana. If not, just hit me with Major Arcana stuff or 'I have absolutely no idea what fits my character but I really really want them to be in the deck'.

The Tower is definitely going to be represented by the Tower. No question.

12 October 2013 @ 06:24 pm

There's no more fertile breeding grounds for a muse than an RP. Besides threads, there's plenty of drabbles and fanart, all set within the world of Animus. So, let's share them with each other!

  • Comment with your fanart of characters and moments from [community profile] towerofanimus, OR
  • Comment with your fanfic drabbles located within the setting of [community profile] towerofanimus, OR
  • Comment with a prompt for fanart or fanfic that others can fill!
  • Reply to comments with sqees/critiques/fills
08 October 2013 @ 02:21 pm

Reading Meme!

This is a very quick meme! At first I was going to do a poll of what sorts of books (if any) each character usually found themselves picking up at the library, but then I thought it could possibly be more beneficial to leave this at the comm for future CR building purposes?

What you have to do is simple - list who you are, what characters you play, and what sorts of book genres they enjoy! Your character not into books? If they were forced to, which would they ultimately end up picking? Or what stories do they enjoy being told, if they just aren't a fan of scanning through pages of printed word?

Like I said, this is mainly just a poll for curiosity's sake, but if you can see CR potential in any of this, feel free to comment on anyone else's posts, and go from there. Also, the more you want to write, the more I'll enjoy reading feverishly! Don't feel limited in your babble, I truly am very interested in everything you have to say!

Here's a handy text box for you if you feel so inclined:

01 October 2013 @ 01:44 am

1) Comment to this post with a list of your characters! This meme, by the way, is voluntary but recommended.

2) Give and receive constructive criticism! We'll be watching and we will intervene if flames are being thrown about. Additionally, this is for commenting on the characters, and not the people playing them.

3) This meme is more for concrit than compliments--there will be a compliments meme for straight-out love, don't worry.
The Other CR Meme

So we all know that one CR Meme that is full of plottings and things. This isn't that Meme. This is the OTHER CR Meme. Where we learn what exactly your character thinks about everyone else's (and get wonderful fodder for CR charts)!

Rules are simple:
  1. Post with your characters! (All in one or separately, it doesn't matter)
  2. Wait for other people to tag your post
  3. Reply with what your character thinks of theirs! It can be as tl;dr-y or not as you like.
  4. Don't be afraid if you're new or you're still forming CR! First impressions can be fun to talk about too!
  5. ???
28 September 2013 @ 01:05 pm

The administrators have made an announcement on the network with simple rules.

-There are two experiments coming up: the first is based on volunteers, and the second based on randomly selected tower residents.

-If you volunteer for the first experiment, you may 'save' another resident from being chosen for the second experiment by publicly listing their name when you volunteer.

-Volunteers cannot be chosen for the second experiment.

Of course you could choose not to volunteer, and perhaps you won't be chosen for either. After all, there's no telling what either of these experiments are...

[Volunteer. React to people volunteering with 'you stupid idiot' or the like. Laugh and popcorn.]