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It's meme time!


Someone posited a while ago that one of the endings for Animus might involve reincarnating on a new world due to the current lack of bodies the PCs have. I figured "You know what? We've had the Bad (Ganon) End meme, the Good (Zo gets a cookie) End meme, why not a Reincarnation End Meme?

So congratulations! The Virus is destroyed and you are free from the Tower. The catch is that those dead worlds? Stay dead. There is no bringing them back and no returning you to them. So you were given another choice instead of staying in the Tower: the choice of your soul being reincarnated onto a new world and starting a new life. There's no guarantees what sort of life you'll lead or if you'll even wind up on the same world as your friends even if Zo will do his best.

But it sure does beat staying in the Tower for eternity, doesn't it?

Here's some prompts to use as a launching point. Keep in mind, there's are ideas. You can really play out whatever the hell you want in any sort of setting you want.

1). Meeting again
    Did you happen to run into one another on the street? Sit next to each other in class? Does the new coworker seem familiar?

2). Known each other your whole lives
    You know this person so well it's almost uncanny. It feels like there's a kinship (or animosity) between you that spans lifetimes!

3). Remembering
    Have you always been plagued by nightmares of a life you never lived? Does this person you have met trigger dark memories best left forgotten? Or does something as simple as a child's laugh, the Lord's prayer, or the number 37 feel forboding to you? Do you just wake up one day realizing the people around you were your comrades in arms once upon a time? Or do you remain ignorant of the fact?

4). Some things never change
    The sky is blue, the grass is green, Ganon will try to take over the world even in a new life, and the heroic ones will still go out to stop him and any other threat to the multiverse.

5). Moving on
    Except for those who choose to leave it all behind, to forget, and live their new life out to the fullest.

NOTE: This is opened to dropped characters as well, if anyone wants to screw around with those shenanigans.

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