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It's that time again~


You want to join the game with a (new) character? Maybe you’re simply curious about the premise? Or maybe you just need a sample. Well that’s the meme for you to try and test your character as if they were already in the tower! The meme is open to anyone!

• Reply to this entry with a character you consider apping! Put your character’s name and fandom- Your usual meme thing.
• Comment around with your pups. You can also post and tag with characters already in-game of course!
• Most importantly, have fun!!
Then feel free to go and reserve/app your character.
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[Someone certainly wasn't paying attention to where she was going, because one minute Jade's trying to walk up the staircase, and the next minute she's tumbling back down to the floor when this chick on rollerskates comes grinding down the rail.

And what a stupendous fall of fail it is.]

Hey--! [And she sits up once she has completed said fall and this is completely ruining her cool kid image gee thanks.] What's the big idea, don't have enough bowling pins to satisfy your crazy backyard sports desire?!
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Hey there! Should've moved!

[ She jumps off the rail and skids to a halt on a landing with a flourishing backflip where she flips then reverses in mid-air. The trick is obvious, as though she does it daily, and she skids to a stop very easily.

... Oh. She hit someone. Should she care? She wouldn't, but this person (girl? Might be a girl, kinda sounds like one) looks kinda near her age-ish... ]

No way, I don't bowl. That stuff's boring, just like stairs are boring. If there's a rail, I'm gonna grind it. It's quick and it's fun. Gotta do what's cool for me, you know?

[ She grins happily, though does pause to give Jade a semi-concerned glance. ]

Sorry about that, but you know, you oughta be a little more careful~! Like, really, it's just sense. Rail plus skates equals grind.
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[She's...just... kind of staring as the girl does her fancy skate tricks. Kind of a dumbfounded look on her face, but thankfully she the shades are covering her eyes, so no one can see it. Just the way she likes it!]

--Uh, [RIGHT, gotta pretend like we're not impressed at all, right right.] Well 'scuse me, but from where I come from you don't see a metal pipe and go "holy shit, let me just put some wheels on my shoes and ollie offie that like fucking tony hawk," you just walk like a fucking sane person. So when I'm walking up the stairs I'm not prepared for a chick with plastic bags on her arms to come barreling at me.

[Yeah she's...just...gonna keep sitting on the ground....]
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[ ... She re-grinds up the rail a bit, hops off and stops JUST SHORT of Jade and offers her a hand. This happens in the course of a short thirty seconds. ]

... 'Kay, I'll hand you that one, but it's fabric, not plastic bags, alright?

[ Still smiling. ]

Sorry about that. Haven't you ever met one of us?
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[For a minute she scrambles away because she's worried she's about to get run over again, but after a solid of minute of staring at the other girl's hand behind her shades, she reluctantly takes her hand and hoists herself up to her feet.]

If you by one of you, you mean weirdos on skates with drills and boob-armor, then no I haven't. Been spending most of my time lately with a handful of dorks and talking to grey pandimensional aliens.

[The best part is she's not even making it up for once.]
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[ She's utterly unfazed by all of this, and doesn't even comment. Reminds her of all her friends, so. The Streets could be WAY crueler. ]

Haha, no, by me I mean fellow artists--skaters. Some people call us 'rudies', I guess, since we really don't care about what the people who just fall into line and give into that really funny dictator we got goin' on think, you know? He's really silly, so are the Golden Rhinos. But nothing beats putting yourself out there on the wall and then riding it by on mag wheels! Netrium and magnetism and the rush of air... being out of my cage, the streets. That's freedom.

[ She closes her eyes, putting her hands down now, and looking over Jade. ]

Y'know... put a pair of skates on you, and you'd go pretty far, I think! You've got a nice thing going there, y'know? It's a good look. Bet you'd be boss in a nice pair of wheels... heh. How 'bout it?

[ She grins, sort of stepping back. Yep, ON SKATES. In fact, she might even be beginning to dance a bit on them as she speaks. ]
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[Hang on just kind of. Staring again fuck she has really got to stop doing that--

But really she is kind of...floored. Because damn if this girl and her skate tricks did seem really cool! Not as cool as Bro, but definitely cooler than she was... Not that she was going to convey that at all physically or verbally or do more than look like she was just staring blankly.]

...Don't know how to skate. [Waaaas about as much as she got out.]
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[ She giggles, quite a bit, shaking a hand at her. ]

What, did you think I popped out of the womb with a pair on in a blaze of glory? ... Actually, that'd be kind of silly! I wish. It took a lot of trial and error, though, you know?

[ Come, Jade. Let her TEACH you the Way Of The Rudie. ]

Anyone can skate. It's about freedom, not showing off. Unless you wanna be like Beat, who does nothing BUT show off, and is kind of an idiot--but... that's not really related.

My name's Rhyth, by the way! I'm a member of the GGs. We're pretty cool. We take in anyone who likes to chill and dance and maybe skate and express themselves, or just have fun, really, and since I seem to be stuck here, I think it's about time we started looking after our own again.
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Uh... you-- will?


--I mean. I guess, if I have time. [Shrugs!] Got monsters to fight, stuff to do. Doesn't seem like there's much besides that though, so it'd be a better way to kill time than staring at the white walls in my room.

[Quietly excited oh boy oh boy oh boy--] Name's Jade Strider. Most catastrophic time traveler you'll ever meet and a member of the Holy Shit There's a Dog Demon and Meteors Coming to Kill Us Brigade. Which is mostly made up of a dead bunch of my best guys, so that doesn't really matter.
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Sounds like a good time.

[ She's joking, of course-- ]

So you've got the Things Always Trying To Murder You badge too, huh? You'll fit RIGHT IN. 'Sides, I can teach you the basics, it isn't hard.

Uuum my other pair are Netriums, a little older model, but they'll do fine, I think! Hang tight nearby, will you?

[ She likes that name. It'd be a damn good tag alias, she thinks. Jaded... Stride... something like that. Maybe Clockwork? Hmm. She'll think on it.

In the meantime, Rhyth sorta disappears back up the stairs by jumping OVER Jade and grinding UP the rail to get back up to the dorm floor (it's quicker, okay?) ]
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[Even if Rhyth's pretty clearly gonna clear Jade's height (and she's not THAT tall to begin with), she nevertheless ducked down and twisted around a bit to watch her skate away. She was pretty sure gravity did not work that way, but then who was she to judge, she was a goddamn time traveler.]


[Aaaand now that she's alone she's kind of...watching where Rhyth disappeared to baffledly, peering over the top of her sunglasses, and wondering what the hell a Netrium was.]
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[ Gravity works that way when you've SUPER SKATES and trick up a rail! It doesn't even take her all that long to show up again grinding down this time with a pair of skates in her hands. This pair, to be precise.

She stops about five stairs above Jade and jumps off on the landing, then actually rolls down the stairs and stops. So she doesn't, you know, surprise her too badly or knock her over this time. That would be bad. ]

Here we go. These were actually the first pair I ever bought. Netrium-powered batteries, magnetically propelled, the whole deal. They're able to dash pretty well, too, and the wheels are modified to make grinding more stable. Good beginner skates.

If you don't like the colors I can always repaint them, too. I know pink isn't everyone's thing. I was... only a little older than you at the time so I'm pretty sure they'll fit!

[ She's sizing you up. And yeah, she's taken good care of the things. They're in great shape, still working fine, and unlike some people, she washed them frequently, so they didn't stink or anything. Maybe it was nostalgia, but she took as good care of this pair as she did her present ones. ]
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[She quickly pushed her sunglasses back up when Rhyth got back, and quietly scrutinized the skates. Really the...colors sure didn't match anything she was wearing, but she had to admit they looked pretty cool anyway. Well, mentally admit.]

Not bad, not bad. [She was studying them as if she...actually...knew anything about rollerskates.

Eventually though, she takes off her shoes and pulls the skates on. And tries to stand up and immediately starts fumbling because holy shit how the hell do you stand with wheels on your feet.]
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[ Rhyth, here, helps steady Jade and smiles, offering her a hand. She's not teasing or anything. ]

... Come on, let's get you to a flat surface, there's a hallway a few steps up, a flat surface is better to practice on.

[ She goes up steps on her own like a pro, so she grabs Jade's shoes as well. ]